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February 22, 2017
How to Buy Rugby World Cup

A Rugby World Cup themed mouthguard key-ring. Photo /

Dana Johannsen rates the worst Rugby World Cup and All Blacks merchandise on offer ahead of the big tournament.

Quite what Shaun the Sheep has to do with the Rugby World Cup other than offer excellent pun opportunities is not clear. Shaun also seems to have a very long tail, has anyone thought about getting him docked?

Mouthguard key ring
The description on the website says the mouthguard key ring is "a great way to show you are a rugby supporter". There are even subtle teeth indents on the inside! Aaahhhh such fun. They've taken the usual rugby ball key ring and elevated it to the next level.

Well I was going to go for an All Blacks replica jersey, but this is much better.

Typical women. Why do you have to bring your emotions into it? Maybe you should make sure rugby feels the same way about you before making such bold public statements.

No. Just no.

Nothing is more intimidating the a flightless bird. Look at that beak...chilling.

Well, we know which side of the flag debate the RWC organisers are on. Here's a tip to boost sales RWC organisers - how about a Red Peak design?

Are you still allowed to take flasks into stadiums these days? I hope so, because nothing says rugby like a warm cuppa. This one has a push button stopper for ease of pouring and is made of top grade stainless steel. It is the Rolls Royce of vacuum flasks.

Although sorry guys, it's not dishwasher safe.

Men's satin print boxers

Rugby cashing in on world cup wins
Rugby cashing in on world cup wins
Airkix Rugby World Cup - South Africa
Airkix Rugby World Cup - South Africa
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